New Meter Service - Installation/Time Frame/Hookups

A typical meter installation takes about 2 – 4 weeks from the time of application to the actual installation, depending on circumstances related to the installation (easement acquisition, weather & site conditions, etc.).

When is My Bill Due?

Bills are mailed out by the first of each month and are Due by the 16th of each month.

Why am I being charged a transfer fee?

Transfer Fees are a one-time fee of $25.00, applied to new customers that move in to an already existing account within the Water District. This fee does not apply to new customers who purchase a benefit unit (water meter).


If payments are not received by the 16th of each month, a penalty is applied to the account on the 17thPenalties are 10% of the total amount due on your bill.

shut offs

Shut off Notices are mailed by the 18th of each month and are expected to be paid in full by the second Wednesday of the following month. Payment arrangements are accepted upon approval from the District Manager. Please contact our staff if you are delinquent and are requesting consideration for payment arrangements.

when are the meters read?

Meters are read monthly – typically between the 17th – 20th of each month. All of our meters are read by a radio frequency antenna captured by our meter reader driving by each property. Monthly reads are never estimated.

where does my water come from?

The Water District has multiple wholesale supplies; however, there are two major wholesale supplies to the District. One is from the Hillsdale Reservoir; the other is from the City of Olathe.

where can i find the latest news or notifications from the water district?

The Water District will post all its Notifications on their Facebook page along with the website. If a District wide emergency does occur the District will send out a call to all customers that may be affected. Please be sure to provide updated contact information regularly so that the office staff can contact you in case of an emergency.

where can i get my account history?

Through our website you can set up a Customer Web Portal account in which you can view your usage and payment history. You are also able to pay your bill online, update contact information, and transfer service through your account. To create your portal, you will need to create a username, password, and have your account number on hand. Please make sure to use the account number noted on your bill (not location number) when setting up our account. If you are unsure what your account number is, please call our office.

can I get assistance with paying my water bill?

We’re pleased to have a partnership with Johnson County Human Services who help individuals and families in temporary need of assistance. Contact the Utility Assistance Program run by Johnson County Human Services at 913-715-6653.

what should my water pressure be?

What determines the pressure to your property is the relationship of the District’s operating gradient, and the ground elevation at your property. The average pressure is usually around 70 – 80 psi.  Again, this will depend on the location of your property and its elevation.  The lower the elevation, the higher the pressure.

boil advisory vs boil order

A Boil Advisory is a precautionary measure issued by the Water District to alert customers when there is a potential for compromised water quality. It is recommended that customers boil all water used in the preparation of food and beverage for consumption for 2 minutes. A Boil Order is a confirmation that contamination is present in the water system. It is essential that customers boil all water used in the preparation of food and beverage for consumption for 2 minutes.  If there is a situation that one of these are issued, the District will notify the local news media outlets, as well as post to its social media feeds.

am i responsible for my service line?

Property owners are responsible for the service line running between the metering point (generally located on their property) to their end point of use (typically a home). The Water District does not install, nor maintain, service lines on private property.

why is there water coming out of the fire hydrant?

In areas where water usage is low, or crews are making repairs on a water main, flushing is required to maintain a good and fresh water supply. Therefore, you may notice water coming out of a fire hydrant for an extended period of time.

how do i know if i have a leak?

If you notice higher than normal usage for a month, please call our office and we will send an operator out to determine if a leak is present.

i have a leak, what should i do now?

If you have found a leak on your property and have made the necessary repairs, please contact our office staff for consideration of meeting the parameters to qualify for a leak adjustment.